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my Marvel Now series - updated -

about a year of drawing

Cyclops - Scarlet Witch - Invisible Woman - Spider-man

She-Hulk - Iron Man - Deadpool - Red She-Hulk

Thor - Rogue - Cable - Captain America

Lady Sif - Hulk - Hawkeye - Broo

Noh Varr - Iron Man Stealth - Elektra - Nova

Gamora - Iron Man Godkiller - Starlord - Drax the Destroyer

Angela - Beta Ray Bill - Valkyrie - Magneto

Beast - Wasp - Dazzler - Magik

Banshee - Daken - Grim Reaper - Sentry

Monet - Medusa - Loki - America Chavez

Ghost Rider - Ms. Marvel - Cyclops - Spider-Woman

Moon Knight - Tigra - the Vision - Falcon

Psylocke - Corsair - X-23 - Quicksilver

Venom - Punisher - the Thing - Black Cat

updated with the new batch

Big fan of this.

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Some of the commissions i did so far!

If you want a commission from me, read this!

Hey my commission is up there! George does incredible work and is fairly inexpensive. I am so so happy with how mine turned out. You should email him and get some sweet art!

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laurabeaird asked: I have always been a reader, but comic books are a newer medium to me. I was wondering if you have any that you'd recommend to a new kid on the block?

This is always a hard question to answer because there are SO MANY books out there and everyone has different tastes. Something that I may love and worship might not be your cup of tea. That being said, here are some books that I’m really loving right now and I think are good ways to test the waters of comicdom:

1. HAWKEYE - Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Annie Wu

I am obsessed with this series. A lot of people hype this book and it’s easy to see why once you’ve read it. It’s essentially about what Hawkeye does in his downtime when he’s not busy saving the world with the Avengers. It’s a good character study and it’s incredibly witty and charming. But that doesn’t mean it’s not suspenseful or shocking. It definitely is! A good superhero book to start with.

2. SAGA - Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

This is a scifi series about two people in love who come from different warring worlds who have a baby together. And because of this, they are on the run. This book feels incredibly real and personal even though it’s about aliens and magic.

3. EAST OF WEST - Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

This is the closest thing to Game of Thrones in the comic medium. It’s an apocalyptic scifi/western set in an alternate America where the Civil War ended with division rather than reunification. It’s incredibly dense and meaty. It might be my favorite series being published right now.


Rick is my favorite writer so I will never pass up an opportunity to give him a shoutout. His work tends to be a little darker and he really enjoys putting his characters through their paces but it all happens for the sake of character growth and furthering the story. Everything matters in a Remender story. There are no wasted pages. He’s crafting some of the best stories in comics right now, both superhero and otherwise.

5. CYCLOPS - Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman

CYCLOPS is probably the biggest risk on this list. Not because it’s bad but because it’s still so new. Only two issues have been published so far so I guess there’s a chance that it could go downhill. If you ask me, though, that won’t happen. I recently wrote about it and I think it’s going to be something special. Be sure to jump on this bandwagon early!

I hope this helps! There are so many more I could have named but I think this might be a good place to start!

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Brooding Shmooding

I don’t like Batman very much.

Now that’s a way to start a blog, right? BIG BOLD STATEMENT THAT DISAGREES WITH POPULAR OPINION. Look how cool and dangerous I am.

Now, before people begin to lose their minds, that doesn’t mean I hate him. In fact, one of my favorite books right now is Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. I think he’s doing some really brilliant things with the title and telling stories that have never really been told in a Batman book. 

But I really do have a problem with the Dark Knight. And it stems from what makes the character interesting to most people. I have a growing problem with the idea of the “brooding hero” and I’m pretty sure Batman would be the poster boy.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life being angsty. I mean I’m still 25 so, let’s be honest, I still AM angsty most of the time. Anytime bad things happen to me or there is the slightest shade of grey in my life, I freak out and begin to live like a person who is constantly in darkness. And I take myself really seriously. Too seriously. Sound familiar?

Does Batman ever smile? Hardly. Does Batman ever throw his friends surprise birthday parties? Doubtful. Do you think he’s ever let himself be caught on camera doing something stupid? No way. Never. Batman is more like the guy who watches every step he takes and constantly checks his appearance to make sure everything is in place and looking perfect so no one will be able to make fun of him.

And why does he have to be that person? Because he’s brooding! He’s dark! He’s edgy! He accomplishes what he accomplishes because people fear him. If people ever found a reason to laugh at him, all his power would be gone. Without fear, Batman is a dude running around on rooftops in a rubber bat suit.

And who is Batman’s archenemy? A clown who laughs and enjoys himself, even though it’s in a sick and twisted way. Batman is literally fighting happiness. He is killing joy. That’s his job. That’s the only reason he exists. (Okay, I admit that that might be a stretch but it just makes too much sense for this rant not to include it. Right?)

And that’s stupid.

Maybe it’s just where I’m at at this point in my life, but I want to be inspired by my heroes. I want to see the good guys being good. I want to see them helping people and smiling and enjoying life. I mean they have superpowers! Even if people are trying to kill you every once in a while, you can do things no other person can! Lighten up!

I think that’s why I love Superman so much. Superman feels more real and human to me than Batman, and he is an alien from another planet! Superman understands what a gift it is that he gets to live on Earth and experience humanity.

And Superman inspires people! People look at Superman in wonder and awe. Superman sees the hurt in those around him and flies in to save them from that. The only people who fear Superman are those that are doing evil things. That’s who Superman’s anger is reserved for.

Superman smiles and laughs and enjoys the world around him.

Superman teaches me how to live life. He teaches me to take care of those who haven’t had it as easy as I have. He teaches me to relax and really look at the world and all the beauty it contains. He inspires me to overcome evil with goodness.

And Batman mostly just teaches me to fear dark spaces.


Currently Reading:

Speaking of brooding heroes…

I bought my first omnibus ever this week, you guys! I’ve been waiting for this collected edition for quite some time. I followed this title since it came out a few years ago and was sad to see Jason Aaron end his run on it earlier this year.

I loved this book. Aaron basically wanted to bring the fun back to the angsty X-Men and he did so with aplomb! This is a story of one of the broodiest of brooding heroes (Wolverine) deciding to take on some responsibility and throw himself into a community and teach the next generation of mutant heroes. It’s SO MUCH fun! And it’s heartfelt and incredibly moving at times. There is difficulty and ache and many growing pains that come with trying to begin a school but there is also laughter and silliness. 

I mean this is a book that contains an arc called Frankenstein’s Murder Circus where the X-Men get brainwashed into joining a circus run by Frankenstein’s monster and the kids at the school have to come and save them. WHO DOESN’T WANT TO READ THAT?!

Check it out.


And, as always, read my friend Ben’s latest blog HERE. He’s a big reason why I’m trying to blog again with some sort of consistency. Plus, he’s much more eloquent than I am. It just makes sense.

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Anonymous asked: Have you gotten a chance to read "Y: The Last Man" yet? What is your take on it? - Dobs

You know, I have some really weird blind spots when it comes to comics. Y: The Last Man happens to be one of those, unfortunately. I love Brian K. Vaughn. I love the concept. I just haven’t read it yet. But I plan to!

I just need to buckle down, buy the first trade and commit.